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50 years of Dugar + Schuster

1974 – 2024

The year is 1986


The space shuttle “Challenger” breaks apart after launch, all 7 astronauts die in the tragic accident.

Mikhail Gorbachev begins his political change in Russia with the “Glasnost” and “Perestroika” programs, which ultimately lead to the end of the Soviet Union.

In Chernobyl, incorrect operation of the control system of a nuclear power plant led to a reactor meltdown; the physical consequences have lasted longer to this day than the energy policy effects in Western Europe.

Portugal and Spain join the European Community.

In Germany, parental leave and childcare allowance are introduced.

Mitsubishi is experimenting with an on-board computer to provide information about vehicle conditions.

The Ford Scorpio is voted Car of the Year in Germany, the Opel Omega is announced as the modern successor to the Opel Rekord.

Our favorite, however, is the start of production of the BMW M3 in its original version, today a sought-after youngtimer. (Picture)

The Paris Dakar Rally was won in the passenger car sector by Porsche with the modified 959 in a one-two victory.

Meanwhile, the founder and organizer of the rally, Thierry Sabine, dies with his companions in a helicopter crash in Mali.

Right photo: BMW M3
Photo by T.Vogt on Wikimedia Commons

Cover photo: Space Shuttle Atlantis
Photo by Daderot on Wikimedia Commons

New customers – new orders

The sale of IMT’s rim lathes is getting off to a good start, old TVA customers have been won and new customers such as Kolbenschmidt and Intra are also being added.

The first vertical lathe for soft turning of large slewing bearings can be sold to Steyr, Austria.

The sale of eccentric presses from Nuova Omec to the radiator industry is going well and new orders can be continuously generated here.

The CIMAT company from Turin, a manufacturer of special grinding machines – also for the automotive industry, will be an important representative.

Horst Schuster is able to convince VW of the quality and efficiency of these machines to such an extent that some of the machines were delivered to Wolfsburg over a period of several years.

A further mainstay is the representation of the MANDELLI company for large machining centers.

Left photo: City of Turin
Photo by M.&T.Hinnosaar on Wikimedia Commons