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50 years of Dugar + Schuster

1974 – 2024

The year is 1974

Janos Dugar and Horst Schuster founded Dugar + Schuster GmbH & Co. KG in Essen to trade machine tools and components.

Germany is the soccer world champion and Helmut Schmidt is Chancellor.

The VW Golf comes onto the market and the Parker company invents the ballpoint pen with a push mechanism.

The Swedish pop band ABBA is starting its career and the global economy is still suffering from the consequences of the 1973 oil crisis.


Mechanical engineering was still analogue!

Production machines were controlled by hand or with cams.

Telephone calls to foreign countries were sometimes still made via an operator, the telephone had a rotary dial and information was transmitted by post.

The letters were typed on a carbon copy typewriter and delivered to the mailbox on the next corner.

The many kilometers by car were mastered without a navigation system and ABS, you were allowed to smoke everywhere and after you had a beer after work you drove home carefully.