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Dugar + Schuster, your partner when it comes to high-performance, modern machine tools.

In addition, we are experts when it comes to machine tools for machining aluminium wheels for cars and trucks.

Founded in 1974, our company is still owner-managed today.
In addition to trading in machine tools and spare parts, we established our own RDM 4 vertical lathe in the European market in 2015.
Since 2018, we have also been offering the RDM 4 as a fully automatic production line for wheel machining.

Dugar + Schuster means cooperation right from the start.

If you decide on a lathe from Dugar + Schuster, we will accompany your project until the commissioning and training of your machine operators.
The overhaul of older machines is just as much a part of our service as the fast processing of your spare parts order.

History & Progress

Dugar + Schuster was founded in 1974 and is still

and is still 100 % owner-managed today.
Managing director Frank Schuster, together with his father and company founder
Horst Schuster, the company’s founder, can look back on more than 40 years of experience
in the sale and service of machine tools.
For many years, Dugar + Schuster has been an expert for machine tools
and here especially machines for aluminium wheel machining.

Development of the RDM 4 vertical lathe

With the development of the vertical turning machine RDM 4 in 2015
Dugar + Schuster set a milestone in the company’s history.
Today, the RDM 4 model is used nationally and internationally by well-known wheel manufacturers.

Industry 4.0

Taking Industry 4.0 into account, since 2018 Dugar + Schuster has also been supplying
Dugar + Schuster has also been supplying fully automated robotic cells for rim machining since 2018.


Our company is located in Langenfeld (Rhineland).

Conveniently located between the metropolises of Düsseldorf and Cologne.
Thanks to the optimal connection to the transport network Rhineland/Ruhr area
your order is quickly on its way.

On an area of approx. 2,000 square metres

is our spare parts warehouse with dispatch and our production facility.
Due to the attached administration with management and sales, the distances remain short and flexible.